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Our family

We want to spend holidays in England in 2010, so i arranged a few fotos to introduce us to our possible guestfamilis.

Nino (4), Sonja (38), Jana (6) and Peter (38). Klick: Grossformat
Jana and Nino. Klick: Grossformat
Jana with chicken from her aunt. Klick: Grossformat
Nino and Peter. Klick: Grossformat
Sonja, Nino, Jana and Peter in an historical railway. Klick: Grossformat
Jana with her girlfriend Sidonia. Klick: Grossformat
Sonja on an walking-tour. Klick: Grossformat
Jana and Nino with grandfather Paul. Klick: Grossformat
Nino assists Peter to drill holes. (an evening session) Klick: Grossformat
Nino takes a bath. Klick: Grossformat
Sonja works as a occupational therapist.

Peter run hes own business as Electronic-Engeneer. He has a Webshop (klangspiel.ch) as too.

Jana likes all animals. She wishes a domestic animal very much. At the moment she plays with snails in our garden.

Nino is interested in all flying things. Airplanes, Ballons...

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