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Welcome to the Zulu-website!

Zulu is an easy-to-use website management tool. All programs are available for free including their source code (LGPL). This website is an example of a website created and maintained by Zulu.

The current project

Zulu is currently available in its version 2. Version 1 has been discontinued. Zulu's instructions are currently being reviewed and updated.

Feedback highly appreciated.



Tools which complement Zulu: www.positron.ch/zulu/tools

The Authors

Klick -> Grossformat Klick -> Grossformat Klick -> Grossformat
Concept und implementation English translation Zulu-Logo design
Märki Informatik, Hans Märki
Märki Informatik
Positron, Peter Märki
Märki Informatik
Jesse Graves Paul Antonio Märki

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