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Layout, structure and content

Insert content

The web pages are assembled according to the structure (Excel: zulu_structure.xls), the content-files and the template.

For to each line 'Page' in the Excel sheet a webpage-file is assembled. The content is merged with the layout (template) creating the file which is the relevant webpage.

Example: Assembling the webpage "Why Zulu?": Detailed description.

  1. Find the template and open it:

    According to the 'Printersion' entry in line 'Web', <!--Zulu:Tag:Printextension--> is replaced by ".html".
    The path is given relative to the location of the Excel file. Consequently zulu_template_current.html is in the same directory as the Excel file. This template-file is now read.
  2. Find the content:
    Excel line "Input:

    Excel table "Navigation:


    <!--Zulu:Tag:Folder-> is replaced according to the 'Page' entry in the Excel table 'Navigation'. The resulting input content-file is ../zulu/warum_zulu/index.zulu_content.html with its path given relative to the Excel file. This content-file is now read.
  3. Insert the content:
    In the template-file found in step 1 <!--Zulu:Tag:Content--> is substituted by the content found in step 2.
  4. Build the website navigation:
    This step is discussed in the following chapter.
  5. Save the HTML-page:
    Excel line "Output:

    With all tag replacements the resulting HTML-file is ../zulu/warum_zulu/index.html.  
    Again the resulting path is given relative to the Excel file. Die HTML-page is now assembled and finally saved.